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Water fasting

water fasting water.jpgI decided a couple days ago to kick things up a notch and did my very first 36-hour water fast.  I stopped eating 10pm on the Saturday night and only ate again at 10 am on Monday.  It was surprisingly a lot easier than I’d thought it would be.  Sure, I got some hunger pangs, but they weren´t constant – they came and went in waves.   The worst were between 3 and 4pm.  I drank about 2-3 litres of water in total throughout the day and even had some liquorice tea (just top make sure my BP didn´t drop too low).   Yesterday (which was Monday) I ate normally – including lots of veg and fruit smoothies) from 10am to 10pm.  Then at 10pm I stopped eating and am once again water fasting.

I noticed that at 10am yesterday morning I wasn´t that hungry, but because it was my first fast I decided to end as planned at 36 hours and go longer this time.  It’s now 8:30pm – this time I’m aiming for 40 hours, which means the water fast will finish tomorrow afternoon at 2pm.

Why am I doing this?  Well, as strange as it seems water fasting is NOT about reducing calories, it’s about dropping insulin levels and encouraging a process known as autophagy.  Dr Fung, author of The Obesity Code (awesome book!) explains here how fasting can activate this process.

I have been intermittent fasting for about 2 months now – roughly 16-18 hours’ fasting with a 6 to 8 hour ‘feeding’ window’.   Although it’s been easy to maintain and I’d imagine I could happily continue doing this,  from what I’ve recently discovered,  autophagy only peaks during a water fast past the 24 hour mark.  However, a water fast lasting more than 48 hours isn´t necessarily more beneficial, as autophagy seems to level off after that.  This to me is great news, as it makes it more doable in the long run.  I don´t see myself water fasting 4 days at a time (at least not at this point in time). This information has led me to my current ‘experiment’:

  • 36 hour water fast: Sat 10pm – Mon 10am
  • 12 hour ‘feeding’ window: Mon 10am – Mon 10pm
  • 40 hour water fast (where I currently am) : Mon 10pm- Wed 2pm
  • 10 hour ‘feeding window’: Wed 2pm – Wed 8pm

I have managed to continue exercising during this period, in fact I seem to have more energy in the mornings fasting, so that’s been great.  I am possibly sleeping  a little more, this afternoon I had a 1,5 nap which I don´t normally need as I sleep 9 hours’ a night.   Even though I have battled a little to fall alseep, the dreams have been intense.

I’ll check back in tomorrow with my an update 🙂


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Day 5

pizap.com15260358384661.jpgNo good deed goes unpunished – the healing crisis has hit!  Over the past 3 days; little red spots have sprung up on my face, I go through bouts of tiredness and then loads of energy, irritability, rash on thigh, horrible nerve pain (on day 3), lower back pain (that feels like kidneys), headache, and feeling extra-unbalanced.

On a positive note I’m down almost 3kg and have been meditating and exercising as planned 🙂 Only 51 more days to go on liquids!!



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Day 2

day 2_banana smoothie.jpg

Feeling really good and want to hold onto this for as long as possible!  I am still very surprised by how little hunger I have.  Theoretically if you give your body good quality nutrition it’s happy and doesn´t scream out for more.  When I eat crap like bread I just want more and more, luckily that is TOTALLY banned for the next 8 weeks.  Mind you, I might be singing a different song in a week or two when cravings kick in.  But for now, I’m happy, positive – eager to see how this challenge plays out.

I’m reading the most amazing book called THE ILLUMINATED MIND.  I have been meditating on and off for about 20 years but decided to go back to square one and REALLY fine tune my practice.  I started on ‘stage 1’ yesterday to tie in with my 8 week fast and am currently doing 16 minutes.  I need to build that up to 30 or 40 minutes every day and be adept at it before moving on to the next stage. There are 10 stages in all, and I have a feeling it’s going to take a good few years to get there.

Today’s food; * papaya smoothie (with a little orange) *Banana smoothie (3 bananas, almond milk with 1 tsp each ground chia seeds, cinnamon and cacao) * Vegetable juice: 4 beets, 4 apples, 4 celery stalks, 3 carrots  Exercise: 15 minutes on bike Meditation; 16 minutes Sleep; 8 hours Water; 1,5 litres Intermittent fast: 18/6 Weight loss: 1,4kg

Fasting, Intermittent fasting, Juice fast, meditation

Day 1

8 week-day 1.jpg

Well ‘day 1′ has been a success!!  I got 9,5 hours’ sleep, and ate between 2 and 6:30pm today, which was a much narrower feeding window than I usually have, and I quite honestly feel fine.  How crazy is it that I am LESS hungry eating like this than when I eat 12 hours a day?!

  • banana smoothie,  raw cacao, cinnamon, 1tsp ground chia seeds- 700ml
  • mango, orange and ginger smoothie – 700ml
  • orange juice – 700ml

It doesn´t look like a lot of food for a day, but I honestly didn´t want anything else.  For once I’m listening to what my body wants and not what I think I should be eating.  I’m not counting calories.  Those days are OVER!!!

I meditated for 15 minutes and did 15 minutes on my bike.  Feeling energetic and enthusiastic.  Forgot to take my herbs today – need to remember to take them 30 minutes before a meal, not in the fasting window.


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The 8-week juice/smoothie fast

Yay –  gearing up to start my 8 week juice/smoothie/intermittent fast tomorrow.  Mentally I’m prepared for 8 weeks of this and excited to see how things go.  I’ve stocked up on fruit and veg, which should see me through the first few days; oranges, lemons, apples, bananas, papaya, beetroot, carrots, celery, ginger, turmeric.  I need to get some organic cucumbers tomorrow and more ripe bananas to freeze for nice-cream.  I like fairly simple meals, so I have enough variety with those.  I’m currently doing an 18/6 intermittent fast – so my ‘feeding’ window is between 1 and 7pm, which I’ll follow over the next week.

To help myself stay on track I’ll be blogging here every day, which will give me chance to reflect on the day, make adjustments and stay focussed.

See you tomorrow!


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Changes & Fasting

lemon waterI started intermittent fasting (time restricted eating) seriously a week ago.  I began with postponing breakfast until about 11-ish which was easy, as I’m not hungry in the mornings.  Each day I pushed the boundaries of my ‘eating window’ and I’m now at the point where I’m eating within a 6 hour period (18/6), which is roughly between 1pm and 7pm, which feels comfortable and totally doable.  I’m not limiting myself to what I eat – I’m having wholefood vegan meals, juices, smoothies and whole fruit.

Starting this coming Monday, 7th May I’m combining the intermittent fasting with a 8 week juice/smoothie fast.  Got some ideas on how I want to do this, but I’ll have to play it by ear as I’m going and see how I’m feeling during the process.

Sam Asser has just posted a Fasting Masterclass on YouTube based on the information collected from the Fasting Summit she hosted, really great info – I LOVED the Fasting Summit and got so much from it.